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Airfield Design Services

HCS Group leadership maintains a long-term team relationship providing engineering, design, commissioning and technical services to airfield facilities. Our Team successfully serves the aviation industry worldwide at airfields, airports, Air Force Bases, Heliports, training bases, etc. by providing engineering in support of military and commercial programs in accordance with FAA, ICAO and UFC guidelines and requirements.


Featured Project

F-35 STOVL Simulated Carrier Practice Landing Pad
Eglin Air Force Base, Duke Field, Florida
Client: USACE – Mobile District
Construction Cost – $27,700,000 

HCS Group was the electrical consultant under a multidiscipline design task order, providing full services Charrettes and Design in preparation for the JSF F-35 training mission at Eglin AFB, Duke Field.

HCS Group was tasked with several electrical design projects at Duke Field. 

  • USAF version JSF F-35, BAK-14 systems with control and NAVAIDS.
  • Marine Version JSF F-35, carrier simulation LHD/LHA-7 deck for vertical landings. The deck included a control tower, refueling stations, airfield lighting systems, optical landing system (VSTOL OLS), a wave-off/cut lighting system, and a full mock carrier deck lighting system. STOVL (Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing) pads were provided for vertical landing training missions.
  • To sustain total airfield requirements, a new, Duke airfield lighting control system was designed.

Retained for Title II Services – LEED Achievement: Silver Horizontal Criteria


HCS Group Airfield Design Team members have years of experience in performing engineering for airfield lighting, visual and instrument navigational aid systems (NAVAIDS), flight simulators, and airfield infrastructure including touch screen state-of-the-art base wide airfield lighting control systems. Systems include:

  • Runway edge lighting, medium and high intensity, runway in-pavement touchdown zone and centerline lighting
  • Taxiway edge and centerline lighting
  • Approach lighting systems
  • Airfield guidance signage and Runway Distance Markers (RDM)
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)
  • Visual Air Navigational Facilities
  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
  • Very High-Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range (VOR)
  • Airfield lighting control systems
  • STOVL landing pads
  • Carrier Simulation LHD/LHA – 7 Deck
  • Optical Landing System (VSTOL OLS)
  • Wave-off/cut lighting systems
  • Apron floodlights

Support Facilities

HCS Group projects include support facilities such as the following:

  • Beddown Facilities, Hangars and Ground Support Projects – JSF F-35
  • Beddown Facilities, Hangars and Ground Support Projects – USAF F-22
  • Beddown Facilities, Hangars and Ground Support Projects – Navy P-3 and P-8
  • Beddown Facilities, Hangars and Ground Support Projects – MQ-9 Drone
  • Beddown Facilities, Hangars and Ground Support Projects – USAF E3 AWACS
  • Aircraft Maintenance Hangars – Rotor Wing
  • Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Enclosed Engine Noise Suppressors
  • Squadron Operations (Squad Ops)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU)
  • Arm/Disarm Pads & Ammunition Bunkers
  • Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE)
  • HAZMAT, LOX and Aviation Fueling Facilities and Storage
  • Fire/Crash Rescue Facilities
  • Aviation Fueling Facilities & Storage Systems
  • Rotor Wing Hot Refuel Pads
  • Helicopter Wash Racks
  • Fixed and Tehered Radar Sites


HCS Group provides concept analysis through final design and implementation services with our highly qualified team and has worked on airfield projects throughout the USA and OCONUS working on major programs including but not limited to the following:

  • JSF-35 Program: Eglin AFB Hangars, Airfield upgrades and Munitions projects
  • JSF-35 Program: Duke Field Airfield, new STOVL and Practice Landing Deck
  • F-22 Program: Tyndall AFB Hangars, Airfield upgrades and Munitions projects
  • Twelfth Air Force (12th AF): New Forward Operation Location (FOL), Manta, Ecuador
  • SOCSOUTH: Headquarters Master Plans and Facility Designs – Homestead, FL
  • SOCSOUTH: Renewable Energy Programs in Latin America
  • Republic of Colombia: Plan Colombia (Airfields, Heliports, Base Camps, etc.)
  • Republic of Peru: Air Bridge Denial (Airfields, Heliports, Base Camps, etc.
  • SOUTHCOM: Counter Narcotics Infrastructure – Latin America

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