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HCS Group Services

Engineering services provided by HCS Group range from technical field analysis and studies to full-service engineering, design, and construction period applications. Our Technical Service Division performs a wide range of systems evaluations, testing, reporting, recording, and adjustments to maximize infrastructure investment and energy performance. HCS Group resources provide a wide variety of professional and technical expertise.

Engineering Consulting | Engineering | Technical Services | Energy
Specialty Electrical
Engineering and design service

Full Engineering and Design Services

  • Prepare Drawings, Specifications, Design Analysis, Cost Estimates, Bid Schedules, etc.
  • Charrettes, Site Investigations, Scope Development, Coordination Meetings
  • Prepare Design/Build RFP Solicitations
  • Review Contractors Design and Construction Submittals
  • Field Inspections
Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Design Management Services
  • Engineering, Technical, Field Evaluations, Systems Testing, etc.
Field Analysis, Studies and Reports
  • Infrastructure Systems Analysis and Recommendations Reports
  • System Testing – Energy and Load Analysis
  • IR Scans and Analysis
Technical Services Division
  • Energy Audits ASHRAE Levels I & II
  • Infrastructure Condition Assessment Studies (ICAS)
  • Energy Monitoring, Evaluation Studies, and Solutions
  • Electrical Systems Monitoring, Evaluations, Studies and Solutions
  • Systems IR Scans and Reports – Certified Level III
  • Enhanced Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
Construction Supervision, Inspections and Reports
  • Field Inspections and Reviews
  • Field Analysis, Reports, Studies, Test/Balance, etc.
  • Commissioning

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